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Ever since the first race in 2011, the Ultra Raid de la Meije has kept its mountain spirit.
Even if the main 117 km race is still on the program, the latest now offers mountain bike routes accessible to a greater number of mountain bikers. The choice is yours

Timed race : 117km - 72km - 52km

Mountain bike without timing : 72km - 57km - 52km - 47km - 45km - 35km - 30km



Button raid ultra
1 or 2 day timed race

Button rando
Customisable mountain bike or E-bike tours without timing

Button elite
Timed version 117 km

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1 or 2 day timed races

Saturday September 12th stage Col du Galibier - Les Cerces

Departure from Villar d’Arène 6 hours  - 72kms 3000m D+

Sunday September 13th stage Emparis - Besse

Departure from La Grave 8 hours - 52kms 2400m D+

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Customisable touring options. Sign up for one or two days and choose your distance at the last moment

Saturday September 12th – 3 possible distances

Departure from  Villar d’Arène 6 hours 72kms 3000m D+

Departure from the Galibier Mountain Pass 9 hours 57kms 1800m D+ / 3000 m D-

Departure from Plan Lachat 9,5 hours 47kms 1600m D+ / 2150 D-

Departure from Villar d'Arène.

Departure from Col du Galibier

Departure from Plan Lachat

Sunday September 13th – 4 possible distances:

Departure from La Grave 8 hours
52kms 2400m D+

Departure from La Grave 8 hours
35kms 1700m D+

Departure from Le Chazelet 8,5 hours
45kms 2000m D+ / 2350m D-

Departure from Le Chazelet 8,5 hours
30kms 1200m D+ / 1550m D-



Départ La Grave 52km

Départ La Grave 35km

Départ Le Chazelet 45km

Départ Le Chazelet 3okm

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Saturday September 12th:

Try for the extreme adventure

To earn the ‘Finisher’ title in the Elite Ultra, the preeminent URLM race, is an exceptional feat.
Will you take up the challenge? Push your limits and astonish yourself by becoming a finisher!
Timed race with ranking.


You are going on the Elite Ultra race.
Your first goal is to be finisher of the Elite Ultra but it is possible for you to branch off en route (village of Ventelon 72km) and so to be able to reastart the next day on the 52 km to be classified on the Raid Ultra 2 days
, which corresponds to the entire course of the Elite Ultra.

Departure from Villar d'Arène 6 hours 117kms 5300m D+

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