Ultra raid de la meije 2019 05

The ultimate adventure starts here…


You were looking for a way to quench your thirst for adventures, challenges and getaways. You were yearning for comradeship, simplicity and shared experiences. You had given up on finding an event where mountain biking finally found a terrain true to its nature: technical, playful and scenic.

Fear not: this world exists! The will give you everything you dreamt of: mountain lakes, sumptuous glaciers, golden meadows, playful singletracks, vertiginous descents and smooth tracks. From the mythical mountain passes of Lautaret and Galibier to the secret spots of the Ecrins and Oisans massifs – the area around la Meije guarantees an unforgettable adventure.Ultra Raid de la Meije

Feel the magic of the URLM, Europe’s most beautiful mountain bike race!

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