Elite Ultra

112km -  5150m D + or - 100km - 4000m D + or 70km - 3000D +
The masterpiece of the Ultra Raid de la Meije.
Reference time  held by Yoann Sert and Frederic Frech: 9:03 '

Start : Villar d’Arène saturday at 6 am.

Elite Ultra

An epic ride in the land of the Queen of Oisans, on trails that are alternately playful, technical and fast rolling. An adventure among  sumptuous glaciers, high mountain mirrors lakes, alpine meadows and rushing streams. In a few words: the most beautiful mountain bike raid in Europe.

Quiz: Have you the capabilities for the Ultra Raid de la Meije?

Before you register on the raid, ask yourself the following questions:
        - Have you actually taken the measure of the difficulty of this race?
        - Do you have the physical condition necessary to stand and finish the event without
            being in danger?
        - Have you ever ridden in high mountain?
        - Do you have sufficient technical skill to face the technical ups and down on single-track trails that can sometimes be aerial?
        - Do you have the necessary equipment to evolove in altitude? (over 2000 m)
            and in sometimes harsh conditions (rain, cold, snow, wind, aggressive sun ...).
        - Are you able to evolve independently? (Supply points and security cannot
            provide full assistance).

1 race, 4 options

The Elite Ultra being a particularly demanding event, you have four options:
1. You are a finisher of the Elite Ultra respecting the time barriers: congratulation!

You decide to shorten the adventure (or you cannot meet the time restrictions)
2. You can become a finisher of the 70 km and 3000 m D +.
         The time barrier No. 4 is set at 16:30 in Ventelon (62 km), but if you go after 13:30 it will almost be
         impossible to make the entire journey. There is 48 km and 2300 m D +. The return to La Grave can therefore be done by the road and some
3. You can become a finisher 100 km and 4400 m D +.
         The time barrier No. 6 is set at 16h at the Chalet Josserand (81 km), but if you go after 15h it will be
         almost impossible to make the loop of the lakes. There is 29 km and 1300 m D +. The return to La Grave can therefore bedone by a path
         (12.5 km, 1150 m 310 m D +).
4. If you have bifurcated to be ranked on the 70 km, and if you are registered for the formula Elite +,
         this allows you to be ranked on the Raid Ultra.
         As a matter of fact, you can take part the next day of the second stage of the Ultra Raid and thus be  ranked in this event.
         Thus, the Elite Ultra gives access to three distinct rankings.

Elite Ultra +

This formula was created at the request of Elite competitors who wanted to restart on Sunday on the Raid Ultra or to accompany friends or to finish the course in case it would have been shortened the day before. It also allows those who hesitated between the 2 Ultra races to enroll knowing that if they bifurcate after 70km they can continue the next day and be ranked in the Raid Ultra.

Understanding the difference between Elite and Elite +

Registration for Elite: 3 ranking solutions.
1. Finisher: the entire 112km and 5150m D+ journey respecting the time barriers.
2. 70km Rank in the 70km and 3000m D+ (the 1st loop of the 112km journey)
3. 100km Ranking  in the 100km and 4000m D+ (the 112km journey without the descent and climb of Besse)
These three rankings are final and no opportunity to leave the next day. Except by taking an on-site registration without possibility of ranking.
Elite +:
The first objective remain to be finisher of Elite but with possibility at km #70 depending on your time or your state of fatigue to be ranked on the 70km and especially to restart the next day on the 50 for classification on Raid Ultra corresponding to the entire route of the elite but in 2 days.


Electrically assisted bicycle
The approved e-bike are allowed on all Randos (Except the Rando Galibier les Cerces). However, they are strictly forbidden on the races Elite Ultra and Raid Ultra.

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